Bespoke Engineering Solutions

Mayflower Engineering has over 40 years experience in Bespoke Engineering solutions, offering a comprehensive turn-key package encompassing design, manufacture, commissioning, testing and installation

Cutting and Forming Services

Cutting, bending and forming is at the heart of the Mayflower service, which is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the client

Design & Analysis

Our in-house design team have a wealth of experience in providing innovative designs for a range of unique projects

Fabrication, Welding & Assembly

Our highly skilled and experienced engineers provide innovative and cost effective solutions to which exceed client expectations

Full Turnkey Projects

We have the expertise and facilities to provide a full project management service, from start to finish

Machining Services

Mayflower Engineering has an established reputation and credited expertise in CNC machining which allows us to build on our full turnkey engineering service with new and innovative projects

Painting Facilities

Mayflower engineering benefit from an in-house painting facility

Shop Assembly & Testing

We know the importance of ensuring that equipment is assembled and tested before it leaves our works, so you can rest assured that there will be no problems at your site