We have a proven track record in providing heavy engineering solutions to the civil engineering and construction industry

Mechanical Handling

Our capability and expertise embraces mechanical, structural, hydraulic and electrical engineering across a broad project range

Materials Processing

We have over 40 years' experience of manufacturing for the steel, aluminium and other metal processing industries

Oil, Gas & Subsea

We are one of the few elite engineering companies who are qualified to meet the rigorous quality standards set by the oil and gas industry

Rotor containers

N2 rotor containers are Nitrogen purged vessels which protect and store specialist equipment such as rotors, gears and pumps

Power Generation

Highly skilled and benefiting from years of experience, our team deliver engineering solutions which comply with the highest safety and quality standards


As experts in designing and manufacturing innovative engineering solutions, Mayflower is an ideal growth partner for the rail industry


  For over 20 years' Mayflower Engineering has worked with a variety of artists, architects and local authorities in the design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of sculptures