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Reduce your production times

With our new plasma cutting service 



 Plasma Plus provides a one-stop shop for component part manufacture, offering profiling, machining and forming in one convenient location.  Operating from a dedicated facility in Sheffield, Plasma Plus uses cutting edge technology and over 40 years of manufacturing expertise, to help you reduce your production times. 


Plasma cutting or plasma profiling uses an ionised gas to create an electrical arc (or plasma). The electrical arc creates an enormous amount of energy and therefore creates a lot of heat - around 40,000°F! The plasma arc both melts away and blows away the material, creating a cut.  

Plasma Cutting Services
  • Chamfering, Weld preps and bevels

  • Quick delivery to anywhere in the UK

  • Quick Itemised Marking

  • High Def Plasma Cutting

  • Large profiles on our 15M x 3M cutting bed

  • 5 Axis CNC Cutting

Your cutting ready up to 10x faster

State of the art 5 Axis CNC Plasma cutting technology is up to 10x faster than traditional metal profiling

Quicker production of angled shapes

Fast plasma profiling of unusual shapes and angles up to 45°

Save time on Marking

Quicker itemised marking for all components, using our 5 axis plasma machine.

Eliminate Weld preps from your process

5 Axis Plasma Profiling technology makes quick work of bevels, chamfers and weld preps, which can be added during profiling.

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Become even more efficient

Source your profiling, machining and forming in one place


Source your drilling, boring and tapping in one place


Bend up to 110mm thick plate using our 1800tonne press

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