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N2 rotor containers are Nitrogen purged vessels which protect and store specialist equipment such as rotors, gears and pumps. Often, they sit in oil extraction sites, such as offshore platforms and house important spare equipment. They use nitrogen or other gases to maintain a pressured environment, which offers maximum protection to the components inside.


Certain rotors and pumps are essential to the oil extraction process and when they breakdown it can cost an oil company millions in lost production hours. For that reason, oil companies keep spare rotors and pumps on site or nearby. Those spares must be perfectly persevered during storage and transportation - They cannot have sagged, worn or rusted otherwise they might fail and hold up production even more. That's when N2 rotor containers are used, they are purged with Nitrogen and hold the equipment in place using clamps, thus protecting the pumps and rotors.

What are N2 containers?
  • Protects valuable equipment, such as rotors, pumps and gears

  • Pressurised with inert gas, usually nitrogen

  • Tailor made clamps to hold equipment in place

  • Generally used on off-shore platforms and oil refractories

  • Lifting point and stands for transport and storage

Why use an N2 container?

Prevent sagging, movement and damage

Tailored internal supports limit movement and sagging of rotary and pump equipment during storage and transport.

Comply with international standards

Containers can be used as a method of quality control, as they ensure protection for valuable equipment and prevent production hold-ups. Containers made to DNV, NORSOK and other standard as per your requirements

Conveniently store and transport equipment

Designed for vertical and horizontal storage, containers include custom lifting points and stands to meet your requirements. Lifting points are load tested and verified through Non-Destructive Examination.

Protect equipment from harsh environments

Containers offer a fully sealed, nitrogen purged environment to protect equipment from harsh external environments, such as offshore or underground.

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