The New HiTech division

For more than 40 years, Mayflower has been cutting, machining and forming materials as part of our famous bespoke manufacturing projects. Now we're offering that expertise to you, with our new processing division - Mayflower HiTech. Operating from its own dedicated facility, HiTech provides a one-stop-shop for CNC plasma cutting, CNC Machining and Forming. 


Laser, Plasma, Machining and Forming

Our service enables you to streamline your supply chain and reduce the complexity of your projects. We offer a wide range of services in one convenient location.

Plasma cutting or plasma profiling cuts material up to 10X quicker than traditional methods, by using an ionised gas to create an electrical arc (or plasma). The electrical arc creates an enormous amount of energy and therefore creates a lot of heat - around 40,000°F! The plasma arc both melts away and blows away the material, creating a cut 


How we can help your business


Streamline your supply chain

Plasma cutting, laser cutting, CNC machining, forming and fabrication from one convenient location.

Source wear plate & armour

We manufacture from wear plate armour and other specialist materials


Our state of the art Plasma cutter can reduce your processing times, with fast cutting of weld preps up to 45%

gET Large 15M X 3M PROFILES 

Unable to cut a profile in-house? We provide large profiles at competitive prices



From marking to design services, we offer cost-effective solutions that free up your team to focus on their key operations



Our range of services

High Definition Plasma cutting

> High Definition Plasma Cutting
> Cutting of weld preps and chamfers
> Large profiles cut (15M x 3M cutting bed)
> Wear resistant plate cutting
> Stainless Steel cutting
> Carbon Steel cutting


> Forming of up to 110mm thick material
> 1800tn press
> Pressing with our 320T CNC press
> Rolling
> Bending of Hardox and Weldox

CNC Machining

Our machine facility provides high speed:
> Drilling
> Countersinking
> Milling
> Tapping

Our service includes:
> Full inspection facilities (Incl Faro reports)
> Volume and batch production
> Manual machines also available

State of the art laser cutting

• Bright-line technology enabling accurate cutting of up to 25mm thick steel
• 6x2.5m cutting bed for oversized profiles
• Multi-sheet processing, enabling cutting of various materials and thicknesses in one loading
• Latest L81 touch screen controller
• Cool Line and Adjust Line technology to enable cutting of low-grade materials
• Up to 60% faster cutting using High-speed eco technology

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