Mayflower has extensive experience in designing and fabricating bespoke products for use in landscaping and urban regeneration schemes.  

Products can be made from a variety of materials including coreten, galvanised steel, coated and uncoated steel, stainless steel.  We can also ensure a high range of quality finishes to ensure longevity and safety to meet the requirements of your scheme.

Examples of our bespoke metal products include:

  • Architectural metalwork for building and landscaping schemes, outdoor planters and troughs, tree protection, edging strips, feature walls, ballustrades & screens, staircases, walkways, canopies, flagpoles.
  • Street furniture - seating, bus shelters, litter bins, barriers, hostile vehicle mitigation, bollards and barriers, cycle parking, signage, post and rail fencing.


For over 20 years' Mayflower Engineering has worked with a variety of artists, architects and local authorities to provide design and fabrication expertise to produce a wide range of bespoke metal sculptures. Our work is now sited across the UK in art installations, parks, public buildings and shopping centres. We are able to meet the high expectations of our clients producing sculpture designs using 3D modelling and analysis, manufacturing from stainless steels, mild steels, special steels and incorporating coatings and non metallic materials.  Examples of our work include the world's largest rotating mirror ball, the high tide organ at Blackpool and many more stunning public art creations.