We handle everything from the fabrication of mining equipment to train components, ships’ rudders, recycling equipment, military vehicles and sculptures.

Established over 40 years ago in the "Steel City" of Sheffield, fabrication services are at the heart of everything we do. We are proud to carry on Sheffield’s reputation for world-class fabrication and welding.

A proud history of bespoke fabrication projects, made in Sheffield

You’d struggle to find of many UK fabrication companies that have undertaken more bespoke fabrication work than Mayflower has over the past four decades. Our business is designed for specialist welding and fabrication, meaning that we can take on projects that few other welding companies would be qualified to manufacture. We’re very proud to have fabricated several unique and interesting projects in Sheffield, which include: famous sculptures, unique piling rigs used in the construction of the Shard, newly developed military vehicles, train components and the UK’s only double radial lock gates.

Our philosophy: Craftsmanship, specialist skills and accreditations

We believe that fabrication services are a skilled craft, which must be supported by industry leading accreditations and qualifications. What sets us apart from other fabrication companies in the UK, is that all work is overseen by our in-house International Welding Engineers, who ensure strict adherence to formally qualified welding procedures.

This philosophy has been a crucial part of our success, enabling us to provide highly specialist welding and fabrication services, which are certified to various standards including:

• ISO 3834-2
• EN 15085 Class 1
• ISO 14001
• ISO 9001
• BSEN 1090

Read more about our accreditations

We also continue to innovate to ensure we maintain our position as an industry-leading UK welding company. We recently employe a PDH level qualified Materials Engineer and have engaged with local universities to benefit from their specialist scientific knowledge.

What can we fabricate?

Our fabrication services include welding of Armox, Hardox, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminium and more. We can also handle anything from a one-off bespoke fabrication to repeat batches of large quantity items.


Our fabrication services include

  • Bespoke fabrication

    Our skilled and experienced team specialise in the bespoke fabrication of unique and challenging projects.

  • EN 15085 welding services for the Rail Sector

    We are one of the few UK fabrication companies accredited to the top level (class 1) of EN 15085 for Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components (CWRVC). Our portfolio of work includes fabrication of Bogies, Door Gangways and Chassis to name just a few.

  • ISO 3834-2 welding sevices for the oil, gas and subsea sector

    Mayflower is also one of the few companies accredited to provide the offshore, oil and gas sector with ISO 3834-2 accredited welding. We’ve undertaken a vast array of projects, including N2 Rotor Containers, Subsea termination interfaces and Umbilical Interface Flanges.

  • Quantity and production line welding services

    For repeat contract work, we are able to set up lean production lines that make efficient work of scheduled fabrications.


    Sheffield made its name as a producer of stainless steel and Mayflower are continuing that tradition, building bespoke stainless steel products, often for sculptural and architectural purposes.


    Another example of our specialist welding and fabrication services is the welding of Armox for military applications. We can also form and cut Armox in house

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